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February 9th, 2013

03:52 pm - New Stuff! And items on the way :)
I updated these in my Elena Gilbert collection, but the post is becoming way too long and I'm sure LJ is going to cut me off pretty soon lol. Here's some items that I have recently gotten that I'm so excited about! :)

Elena awesomeness under the cutCollapse )

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03:22 pm - Free People Hooded Raglan Sweater ASO Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars
I don't collect Aria items as much as I do Elena, but this was a top that I had wanted for a long time and I finally found one!! So freaking happy!

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January 14th, 2013

04:58 pm - Jewelry ASO Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars
Here's a couple of jewelry pieces of Aria's that I have collected in the past few months :) Posting in honor of finally watching the new episode tonight! Can't wait!! :D

Betsey Johnson Mismatched Heart Earrings from episode 2x05 "The Devil You Know"

Betsey Johnson Giraffe Stud Earrings from episode 1x18 "The Badass Seed"

Betsey Johnson Skull Multi Chain Necklace from episode 2x12 "Over My Dead Body"

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September 23rd, 2012

02:30 am - One Year :)
I have officially been a member of Coolspotters for a year now! :) When I first signed up, I was pretty shy and didn't know what to expect.
I'll share a little story of how I came across the site. I did a random google search of "what top was Elena Gilbert wearing in the new Season 3 episode?" (The season premiere "The Birthday"). I had never really thought of trying to find any of Elena's clothes before then, the thought never actually crossed my mind and I had never payed attention to what she was wearing, but I fell so in love with the Guess Lily Henley Tank the moment I saw it and knew I had to have it. So I did the google search and up came Coolspotters. I looked through it and it just seemed so interesting to me so I signed up.
I'll share my first spot :) It was the Express Minus the Leather Jacket and although I thought it was the butterscotch color at first, it actually turned out to be ivory. I was so joyed that I actually made a spot! I even second guessed myself because I just couldn't believe that it had been me to find it :P
Being apart of Coolspotters has been pretty life changing. Not only because it's become a hardcore hobby (if that's what to call it?) but it also has brought new people into my life that I'm glad are now in it and will be for a long time. I'm always going to have you girls that I can turn to when I don't have anybody. And some of you have helped me obtain items that I never thought I would ever own. The generosity I've gotten from you girls is simply amazing. It shows that there are people out there that are willing to help others without any gain and I'm proud to know people like you. A few of my most wanted items I have gotten with some help and I will forever be grateful for it and will cherish them always!

Soooooo.. here is where I say a big THANK YOU!! to everyone who has helped me in the past year! I love you all! :D

Here's to many more years to come! *mwah!*

Side note: I started another LJ as a personal one where I'll do unrelated CS posts. They might be more often than this one so I don't want to fill up everyone's news feed with non-CS stuff. There's nothing to it right now but I will get to doing posts pretty soon. If you want to add me, feel free :) http://nicolescloset.livejournal.com/ 

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September 9th, 2012

09:31 pm - Katherine Pierce Collection
Here's my Katherine Collection so far. It's pretty small but I have a few pieces of her's that I really wanted :)

Katherine Piece Collection under the cutCollapse )

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June 30th, 2012

07:40 pm - Elena Gilbert Collection

Here is my Elena Collection :)

Elena Gilbert Collection under the cutCollapse )

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June 28th, 2012

11:53 pm - Wish List

Guess Front Seam Henley in any color ASO Elena Gilbert Size XS or S
Guess "Car Wash" Cami ASO Elena Gilbert Size XS or S
Guess Salsa Cami ASO Katherine Pierce in any color Size XS/S
Victoria's Secret Lace Trim Cami in Pink Size XS-M
C&C California Thermal Henley in any color ASO Elena Gilbert Size XS (Want this SO bad!!)
Juicy Couture Cardigan in Black ASO Elena Gilbert Size P (XS) only
Rue 21 Thermal in Pink ASO Elena Gilbert Size XS or S
Hollister Plaid ASO Bella Swan Size XS
Lucky Brand BFF Feather Necklace set ASO Elena Gilbert

I think that's the major stuff as of right now. Might add some more to it later on. Drop me a message :)


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April 17th, 2012

04:54 pm - Jewelry :)
Here's a few pieces of jewelry that I have that I just wanted to share :) Jewelry Collection under the cutCollapse )

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